Volunteer applications are available and there are so many ways to be involved.  You don’t have to be a professional musician to volunteer, honest!  And many positions do not require musical knowledge or ability.  Email your application to Girls Rock Orlando or apply online. Volunteer opportunities are available year-round. All camp week volunteers (returning and new) are required to complete a volunteer application. Call 407.674.2799 with any questions.

If you volunteered with us during camp week 2014, we’re making the application process easier! Use the link below to update your contact information and apply for your desired positions for camp week 2015.


NEW Volunteer Application: PDF

Returning volunteer application: PDF

Workshop Proposal: PDF

Volunteer Applications on Google Drive.

Internships are available!  Email Girls Rock Orlando with INTERN in the subject line to get started.

Non-Musical Positions
Camp Set-up Crew

Get the practice and workshop rooms ready for the week ahead and get as ready as possible for the first day of camp.  Make and hang posters! Move amps.  Anyone can lend a hand today!

Food Crew
In the weeks and months leading up to camp, Pre Camp Set Up,
Food Coordinator will be in charge of obtaining food donations for volunteers and campers, planning meals, organizing delivery or pick up for camp week, distributing camper snacks, with options for those with food allergies.

Food Crew – Camp Week
Morning shift: M 7:30a-1p, T-F 7:30-1p, Afternoon shift: M-F 12p-6p
Throughout the week, you will be called upon to help with one, more or all of these types tasks: daily morning set up, camper check in/out, serving lunch to our volunteers, merch sales, volunteer room maintenance, picking up donations, camper lunch supervision/presence, general clean up including sweeping/ mopping/ vacuuming, taking out trash, bathroom clean-up, moving gear, Showcase assistance, and other tasks that help everyone have a great day at camp.  Scheduling is flexible for this position.

Workshop Leader
1 or 2 afternoons, days and times vary
The workshops are Self Defense, ‘Zines, Logo Design/Screen Printing, Women in Music, Body Image, Songwriting, and Show and Stage Prep.  The younger aged campers (8-10) will often have their own workshops.  Most workshops  last approx. 30 to 90 minutes.  Workshop leaders will be required to send in a proposal with their volunteer application and may ask for the assistance of band managers, coaches, or others for support staff.

Morning & Afternoon Ice Breaker Crew
M 8:15a-10:30a, 4:30p-6:00p, T-F 8:15a-10:30a, 4:00p-5:30p
This group of energetic women leads the morning and afternoon assemblies and is responsible for teaching the camp song, announcements, ice breakers, group activities, and coordinating skits.  Must be willing to sing the camp song on stage and participate in skits!

Drama Trauma
Morning Shift: M-F 8:30a-1p, Afternoon Shift: M-F 12p-6p
This position is open for female mentors who have experience dealing with conflict-resolution and are familiar with youth issues and social needs.  Drama Trauma especially can help during band formation and band practice with resolving group issues or talking individually with campers who need support.  This position may also double as Front Desk Crew.  Great communication and a love for the mission of the Rock Camp go hand in hand with being on call to support band coaches and managers throughout the week.  Check in with campers you have interacted with, and offer extra support by attending the end of day meeting to help us solve problems before they become crises.

Photographer & Videographer
Monday morning through band formation, at least 1 afternoon band practice, Friday showcase run-through, Saturday Showcase
Photographers and videographers document camp week, workshops, Saturday Showcase and other camp related activities.

Gear Related Postions

Gear Coordinator
In the weeks and months leading up to camp, Pre Camp Set Up, Friday/Saturday load out,
Saturday showcase.
The Gear Coordinator will solicit donations for musical equipment, gear, and various other electronic equipment for camp week.  Documents gear on loan and coordinates with donors loaning equipment to camp. Can also work as front desk crew, trash and hash crew, instructor or band coach or manager.

Sunday – Pre Camp Set Up, M-F – 8:00 – 6p, Saturday Showcase (load in/load out/set up Showcase)
Acts as a point person for camp coordinators, instructors, band managers and coaches for all gear related issues throughout the week, lifts and moves heavy objects, set up equipment when and where necessary each day; Roadies should also know or be willing to learn how to set up a complete practice space, how to run the camp’s various sound boards for workshops, lunch time shows, morning assemblies. Secures, maintains, and ensures equipment is treated well. Must be patient and attend to last minute gear requests, and be able to lift 30 lbs.

Musical Volunteer Positions

Instrument Instructor
Mornings, M-F 8:00a-12p
Instructors are female mentors responsible for teaching their assigned instrument to campers varying in age and ability.  The main purpose of instruction is to meet each camper at their skill level and help them prepare for the Showcase.  Instructors must have basic/and or advanced knowledge in the instrument they are teaching.  Student to teacher ratio 3-6 to 1, and may collaborate with other instructors of the same instrument.  Instructors may also act as band managers or coaches, workshop leaders, or other support positions and are not required to attend the Showcase.  Instructors for:  drums, bass, guitar, keyboards, vocals are wanted.

Pre Camp Meeting
We encourage you to meet at least once in person or via email before camp week with your group of instrument’s group of instructors.  This is a great time to discuss teaching strengths, weaknesses, interests, brainstorm about possible workshops during instruction hours, and decide on curriculum.

What to teach?
You and your fellow instructors are responsible for deciding on what you are going to teach your students and how.  It is very important to collaborate based on your strengths and weaknesses.

Band Coach
Monday morning and band formation 8:00a-12p, M-F band practice 12:30p-5p
Monday mandatory staff meeting 5:30p-6:00p (Tu-F meetings voluntary )
Optional Saturday practice & Saturday Showcase
Band coaches are female mentors who have experience writing, practicing, performing, and possibly recording and touring original songs with their band(s).  In most cases, each band will have a band coach and a band manager who work together to help campers prepare for the Showcase.  Band coaches are also present at the beginning of camp during band formation to assist with the process.

The coaches guide the girls in all aspects of working in a band: setting up the practice room, songwriting, learning to play as a group and help keep the peace while campers create their original song. Coaches may double as instructors during camp week.

Band Manager
Monday morning assembly and band formation 8:00a-12p
M-F lunch, band practice, workshops, afternoon assembly 12p-5:30 p
Monday mandatory staff meeting 5:30p-6:30p (Tue-Fri meetings voluntary)
Optional Saturday practice 1p-3p Showcase Saturday evening
Band Managers are female mentors whose main tasks include making sure campers are where they need to be, stay on the camp site, have an escort to the bathroom, are in the correct assigned workshops/groups, and generally look out for their safety.  This may also include conflict resolution.  No musical skill is necessary for this position.  Band Managers may also double as instrument instructors.

Band Managers and Band Coaches
In most cases, each band will have both a band manager and a band coach.  Band managers should assist campers in forming bands and then place themselves with a band that seems like it will be a good fit.  Since band managers are not necessarily musicians, you are not responsible to coach.  If you are a musician and would like to help coach, talk about it with the band coach to discuss your strengths and interests in working together.  Ultimately the Band Coach is responsible for helping the band create the song.  The Band Manager is like a camp counselor who is there to support each camper in any way she may need.



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